About us

After enjoying classic cars as a hobby for some years, I formed ROBSPORT INTERNATIONAL in 1989 when I quit a job managing engineers for a multi-national company and found the only thing that interested me other than the usual, was Triumphs.  I went to California many times and brought back some lovely TRs and a mountain of junk – henceforth known as rare classic spares – so our sales and spares operation limped into being.


Some of our more picky customers wanted the cars we sold them to work and despite getting my hands quite grubby I couldn’t keep up, so employed a mechanic – all companies must have a fall guy.


This was working well when we suffered a dreadful blow when my son, Simon, quit his job and came to work with me, despite failing the interview – he had completed an apprenticeship in electronics and was employed as a buyer with a large local electronics company.  He will tell you that our expansion and survival are in large part his doing, and unfortunately he now knows so much about the cars it would be impossible to do without him, especially as he now runs the company!


This new website has been designed and built by Simon’s son, Luke, while his brother Josh, is rebuilding a Herald convertible for his own use.  So we continue to be a family-run business.


We have been at this address since 2004 and are well on the way to completing our new shop/parts warehouse, which will enable us to revert to stocking the full range of Triumph parts as we used to do before our move.


Our workshops continue to produce quality work with an attention to detail and constant demands for more pay just because they are very good at what they do.  Our labour rates are very competitive and our estimates are free.  The technicians are always available to help you with any technical help you may need.


Our most common workshop visitors are Triumphs, but we work on most vehicles that we describe as old and interesting, so please give us a call – if it has four (or even three) wheels we would love to hear from you.